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F*KTORY, Vol 1.

Fabricating Fuck-Ups




Meet "E". She's fourteen. Lives in New York City. Forced to sells drugs by her brute of a father and supplier, E wants out. Yet at four foot ten, E is powerless. Hoping to find an exit, she uses her wit to steal "Lumen", a mysterious new drug that gives the user unimaginable superpowers. Yet there's more to Lumen's power than E had bargained for. Mysterious abilities suddenly unlock within her, along with a lust for power she hadn't foreseen. As events spiral out of her control, E will find herself repeatedly cornered, putting her life, and the life of those she loves, at risk. In a world where the biggest, fastest, and strongest always wins, E will be forced to do the two things she does best: adapt and survive.

A fast-paced and fascinating read that fans of sci-fi and fantasy, especially

'superhero' stories, will enjoy.

Readers' Favorite


An exhilarating little gem that is smart, twisted, alluring and as dismal as hell.

Goodreads Review

F*KTORY, Vol 2.

Revolting Roaches



Manhattan is plunged into fear. When truckloads of the new power drug, Lumen, go missing, and an unnatural earthquake strikes, authorities declare a citywide tactical alert. As Lumen’s destructive effects spread so do rumors of a persuasive stranger luring hobos underground. But E’s got her own trash to deal with: being fourteen and on the run just totally sucks. And then there’s the situation with the Piper. How can she even explain to Troy and Mia that the person they’re mourning is not truly dead? Of a one-track mind, E is on a reckless rampage to hunt down her kidnapped brother, unaware she is being hunted herself. But how long can E ignore the trail of corpses she’s leaving behind?

Meanwhile, as the city crumbles, Sticky Fingers desperately tries to find his next morphine hit, even if it means taking a trip underground and facing the menacing squatter everyone’s talking about. And on the opposite end of the globe, a Japanese boy follows a mysterious voice into a violent journey that will change E’s future in more ways than one.

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