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The Untold Story of Peter Pan & Captain Hook


Most nights pass by and leave us unchanged. However, the night this story began would forever change the fate of 13-year-old James Hope, a studious young lad. During a firework-studded London night, James meets an audacious adventurer named Peter, sparking a friendship that leads both boys down a path of excitement and uncertainty, through the darkest of shadows and into the light of the second star to the right: Neverland.

This is the account of the twists and turns that shaped the fate of their distinguished futures--one into the beloved character who never grew up, and the other into one of the most feared and infamous pirates who ever sailed the Seven Seas; a boy, who unlike Peter, was forced to grow up. Together, James and Peter take us to a land devoid of time, brimming with mystery and treacherous perils, a land where memory fades like footprints on sand, and where monstrous ticking crocodiles lurk in the shadows. It all began on that single night of fireworks in London. The night when Peter and James discovered fairies. The night when they both learned how to fly.

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