Bite-size Synopsis

Jesus Apollo is a whimsical bittersweet coming-of-age graphic novel about a ten year old boy who wishes to dance more than anything in the world but has the misfortune of having two left feet -- literally.



Ten year old Jesus Apollo lives a sheltered life with overprotective "Grammie", but he has a secret: he wants to dance like his idol Beibi, the super mega star and five-time-winner of the bestest dance-fighting show ever, DUNZ"Dance Until Nothing Zucks" ). Problem is, Jesus Apollo was born with two left feet and even walking is a hassle without his special shoes. But when a long-lost package from his (allegedly) deceased mother makes it to his hands, and the contents reveal an old cassette player, Jesus Apollo's life does a one-eighty and he's suddenly possessed by music and dance moves he had never imagined. He's ecstatic. But Grammie isn't pleased. She forbids dancing (and any kind of sinfully suggestive movement), even after Jesus Apollo gets an oh-my-God shocking invitation from the DUNZ Selective Committee to take part in this year's competition. What will he do? Will he obey Grammie's wishes, as he's done all his life? Or will he...        


                                                                                                   ...listen to the beat?



Jesus Apollo

                                            OUR HERO




Knows everything

there is to know

about DUNZ 

- and life.

An invisible talking unicorn fond

of booze and Nietzsche. 



His memoir is

a best seller.


He's 15.


Thinks "going viral" is contracting a virus.

HIS Mother